Types of Weed Vaporizers for Cannabis that Beat Bongs and Joints

With weed getting authorization in the US, the large public is taking a long glance at how they use their cannabis. Earlier smoking cannabis through bongs and joints were common. However, with advanced smoking devices, smoking CBD has become healthier, safer, and smoother and saves money as well.

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As discussed above, vaporizers are quite in demand these days. They are different from bongs and joints because they don’t create smoke. In bongs and joints, the smoke that is created isn’t filtered which contains the harsh component from weed. This smoke is directly inhaled by an individual which goes into the throat and then to the lungs. Harmful smoke sometimes irritates the throat and can be hazardous for the lungs as well.

Thus, looking into all these matters, another filtered and healthy smoke accessory was created, the vaporizers. There are various options in vaporizers, but they all have similar parts which make it a success –

  • Most vaporizers work with a battery which is the energy source that helps a vaporizer to function properly.
  • Chamber is the broiler where the herb is kept to be warmed by the energy source.
  • The heating element is the most imperative part of a vaporizer that controls the speed and distribution of warmth. Most vaporizers use the convection and conduction method (which we will discuss further).
  • The delivery system is the final part that moves the filtered smoke into your mouth. You need to draw smoke from that gadget.

There are three types of vaporizers –


This vaporizer directly puts the smoke into your mouth from the heating element.


  • These vapes are simple and easy to use because of less complicated features, so they are less expensive.
  • It emits bigger clouds so a lot of energy isn’t required for inhalation


  • When wed is in direct contact with the heating element the risk of combustion is more. This means there is a greater chance of wastage of dry herb and the smoke isn’t much filtered.
  • You have to rearrange your bowl when after few minutes to evenly heat the dry herb.


There is a screen between the dry herb and heating element which heats the herb indirectly by circulating hot air. This is the opposite of a conduction vaporizer.


  • Since the heat circulates within, therefore the entire herb is used and you don’t have to worry about rearranging the bow every time.
  • There is less wastage of herb as all is burned and the hits are cleaner and smoother.
  • It also has a certain sophisticated feature like temperature adjustment.


  • Nothing comes for free. The extra feature means an extra price.
  • Since hot air is used for heating herb, therefore you might get the first hit a bit late. Show patience.
  • Those who’re prone to conduction type may not enjoy the smoothness.
  • Complicated features may be a big-time struggle for beginners.


Hybrid technology is a mixture of both the above-mentioned method. There is a heating element that comes in direct contact with the herb, but the hot air also flows through the substance for evenly heating.


  • This method gives larger clouds to inhale and faster.
  • Even if the clouds are quickly created, the hits are still smooth and filtered.
  • The hybrid style is expensive, but lasts for longer.


  • People with sensitivity issues, might cough and have irritation in their throat due to larger clouds.
  • Although there is a temperature regulation system, you too need to keep an eye on the temperature as the two-way heating system may heat or burn the herb faster.

Various people have different taste and ways of smoking. It is good to approach a smoke shop to analyze and understand the best method suitable for you.