More Than A Logo Mat

Logo mats. What’s the first thing you think of? You probably said “entrance mat” (or “doormat”), right? Some of you may have thought “chocolate”, but that’s fine, chocolate is always correct. While most logo mats are used for entrances, they can also be used as a doormat.

You can have your logo, company logo, or even a bright pink one printed on logo mats. Anything. You can print your design, but did you also know that you can also print 3D images or photos? You can also use it for other purposes. For example, you could print a photo with you and your dog in the sunset or you could even Photoshop Rose’s face while Jack is holding you on the Titanic.

Let me offer some suggestions for what a logo mat could be used for if you have trouble getting over the image of you as Rose on the Titanic.

A Logo Entrance Mat Is The Most Obvious

Your logo printed on a custom entrance mat is the best way to promote your company and make your store look professional. Use it in supermarkets, hotels, and bakeries as well as specialty shops.

VIP Welcome Mat: Send A Message To Your Guests

A welcome mat is a wonderful way to greet VIP guests when they check-in. Use the welcome mat in airports, hotels, reception desks, and waiting areas.

Directional Mat: Help Customers Know Where To Go

You can replace overhead signage with a printed logo mat that includes directions. You can easily place your logo mat on the floor. This is a great way to advertise your brand in restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops, and fast food outlets, as well as supermarkets, movie theatres, shopping centers, and grocery stores.

Trade Show Mat

A logo mat can be used to highlight a specific application of a product or to show off your logo at a trade show. It could be printed with a parking spot and used to show off another product.

Promotional Mat Or Sponsorship Mat

Your temporary floor protection at a race or motorbike cross event can be converted into a sponsorship opportunity or promotional opportunity. It’s very cool. It is ideal for use at race days, motorbike events, and car shows.

Safety Mat: Make Sure Everyone Is Aware Of The Potential Dangers

A custom-printed mat can be used to draw attention to potentially hazardous areas, as most people walk on the ground.

As A Promotional Point To Popular A Brand In A Store

Do you want to draw more attention to your brand or product? Placing a logo mat underneath a product can be a great way for customers to notice you and not take up too much space. This image contains 3 custom logo mats. Identify them all! Use them in supermarkets, car showrooms, retail shops, and clothing stores.

Playmat: You Can Print A Game And Use It To Entertain Your Children

Your custom logo mat can be printed with any game you want, including a race track or a city, a dollhouse, snakes and ladders, twister or hopscotch, as well as the alphabet or numbers to support active learning. This mat is ideal for playgroups and after-school care.

Sizing Mat

You can print different shoe sizes on your logo mat to help customers choose the right size. This mat is ideal for retail shops, department stores, and shoe shops.

Art Mat

Print your favorite artwork on a mat so everyone can see it! You can use your favorite classical artists or create your design. Use it as an entrance mat in a retail shop, art gallery, exhibition space, or as a gift.