How Should I Dress my Baby for Sleep?

Like most parents, you’d like your little one to be as cozy as possible when they’re asleep. Apart from letting them sleep in comfy bedding, you have to ensure they’re properly dressed for the night. Unlike adults, babies are so sensitive to temperature changes, and for them to sleep comfortably and safely, they need to be neither too hot nor too cold irrespective of the season.

But how can you dress your baby for the night?

We’ve got several baby clothing specifically designed for the night, most of which are available in the little one’s wardrobe. You only need a few ideas to get going.

Wondering which youngster outfit is fit for the night? Here are a few nighttime-dressing tips for your little one.

Keep Beanies And Hats Away

It’s tempting to cover that little head with a beanie on a cold winter night, but just don’t do it. Usually, babies release heat from their heads and faces as a way of cooling their bodies. As such, it’s very easy for your baby to overheat if they fall asleep in that beanie or hat. Again, hats and beanies in bed can be a choking hazard. Therefore, let the little one sleep with their head uncovered. They’re just fine like that.

Add An Extra Layer Of Clothing

Your baby needs to be warmer during the night than during the day. Therefore, on top of that daytime onesie add an extra layer of clothing to keep the baby warm. If it’s in the cold months of winter, you can dress them in a long-sleeved sweater top that’s also not so heavy. Babies absorb cold through their feet and hands. So, make sure these areas are well covered.

Use Lightweight Cotton Baby Wraps 

If you choose to wrap your baby on top of the warm clothing, ensure you use light thin cotton blankets. Heavy blankets can cause the baby to overheat, which can cause them discomfort. Again, make sure the wrap doesn’t cover the little one’s head or simply ensure it doesn’t go above the shoulders. A wrap that goes beyond the shoulder can cause the baby to suffocate or overheat.

Baby Sleeping Bag

The best way to keep your baby warm with their head and face uncovered is by slipping them into a sleeping bag. Get a correctly-sized sleeping bag for your little one so that they’re comfortable in it. A sleeping bag will prevent your baby from rolling onto their belly while asleep, hence reduce chances of suffocation. If you feel the baby needs extra warmth, you can throw a light cotton blanket on the sleeping bag.

Soft Fabric For Bedding

If your baby sleeps in a crib, make sure you get them comfortable bedding. This plays a role in keeping the baby cozy during sleep. The crib mattress should be firm and well-fitting in the crib to prevent the baby’s head from sinking, which can cause suffocation. Again, use bed sheets made of soft fabric to keep the baby comfortable. If you want more secure and comfortable sleep with your family, you might visit the sites that handles home improvement ideas.

With these tips, you’re ready for the night.